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Buying a Used Pickup Truck in California

Buying a Used Pickup Truck in California


The most important factor while buying a used pickup truck is research, and you have to find out as much as you can in order to determine the right purchase for you. There are three main inquiries that you should do before paying for used trucks. Those include;

  • Inspect mechanical and structural pieces of a truck or van
  •  Learn the vehicle history including repair records, maintenance & oil change
  •  Word-of-mouth reputation of the dealer/owner of the truck or van   

Total Cost of Ownership

You need to know the total cost of ownership before purchasing any vehicle, TCO can be found with a simple equation;

Add purchase cost & ownership cost (tires, fluid and lube changes, maintenance/ repairs/ part replacements, insurance), Then subtract the resale value

Doing the math and establishing an acceptable TCO that fits your financial situation will give you the exact criteria for evaluating used trucks or vans.

Get the Paper Work

Be careful while you are paying for a used truck if you are buying it from an individual. Ask for proof of ownership, the original invoice could quickly provide to assurance you need. You should ask about the title transfer letter or bill of sale to make sure that you are buying from the registered owner.


You should ask for a warranty while buying a used truck or a vehicle. Authorized and franchise dealers offer warranties but individuals don’t make such kind of offers, as they are selling their truck or vehicle for lower prices than the dealers are demanding.    

Consider Technology

If a truck is more advanced than you or your drivers are accustomed to operate, operational learning curves could slow down productivity. And, of course, you’ll want to be sure that any commercial vehicle you purchase is able to meet state and federal requirements, including safety requirements and emissions standards.

Avoid Deal with a poor reputation

If you have decided to have business with the dealership, you should check the previous record about the dealer you are dealing with. Check with BBB (Better Business Bureau) & your state’s attorney general about the unusual volume of filed complaints of their previous customers.

Check Vehicles History

While you are paying for a used pickup truck or any other vehicle, you should check the vehicle history including repair records, maintenance & oil change. Please check the registration of vehicle whether it has been registered in other states or not and if there is a history of accidents etc.


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