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Used Car Dealer in Orange County, CA



Used Car Dealer In Orange County

If you are in the market for a used car, then there are some things that you will have to keep in mind before you make your purchase. 


While there are many different areas you will need to consider, what we want you to do is the eyeball test when you are looking at a potential used car you may want.


If you are in need of a used car dealer in Orange County, please stop by Geneva Motors.  We’ll help you to do the eyeball test on our vehicles, because that’s how much we believe in the


cars and trucks we sell.


Here are just a few tips to keep in mind when you do the eyeball test, whether you stop by our dealership or not.


*Leaks, Fluids And Other Problems


The eyeball test for this is really simple.  Take a look beneath the car and look for anything dripping on the ground.  If you notice any oil, green fluid such as coolant or any other type of


fluid, then it’ll be a good time to ask about it.


Check and see what is going on with the vehicle, especially if it’s one that you want to purchase.  It would be a travesty to buy a car, then get on the road and start to have the engine


overheat.  Just something to think about.





Take a look at the upholstery and other areas of the car.  Do you notice things like rips, cigarette burns or other wear and tear?  Does the car have an odor such as from a pet or




These are the kinds of things you need to have a closer look at because you will ultimately be the person sitting in the vehicle the most.  You really don’t want to be driving with certain


smells if you can avoid it.




Running along the same lines as the eyeball test of fluids, take a good hard look at the exterior of the vehicle.  Notice anything weird?  Do you notice if the car was in an accident or




Does something look a little off, like it was replaced or repaired and wasn’t done properly?  Does it look as if perhaps something was covered up? 


When it comes to your vehicle, especially the one you are thinking of buying then these are all things that you will need to take a closer look at.


Get under the car and look at the ground beneath it.  Check for any fluids or leaks, or even look under the hood to see if you can see any visible leaks.


Take a closer look at the interior of the vehicle to see if there are any rips, tears or smells that you notice.


And lastly, take a look at the exterior of the vehicle to see if there was any damage that was done to the body. 


Once you can take a closer look at all of these points you will be able to see if the vehicle is actually worth your while.


If you want a dealership that will help you to do the eyeball test alongside of you, then please check us out. 


We have a lot of vehicles available here at Geneva Motors and would really like to be your used car dealer in Orange County.



Please give us a Call Today and see how we can get you into that dream car.  Smile, your dream car is here at Geneva Motors.

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