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Used Car Dealer in Los Angeles County, CA

Geneva Motors – Your Used Car Dealer In Los Angeles County
Write Your Own Positive Car Buying Experience With Us

Buying a used car can be an ordeal.  It can be, if you are uninformed or just going to the wrong place.


If you are both – uninformed and going to a shady car dealership, then buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


We want to tell you the story of Jim.  See Jim is a nice guy, his credit is alright, but he just didn’t do his homework, and well, it hurt him and hurt him BAD. 


He needed a new car, or a replacement of the one that broke down.  He was spending way too much in repairs and decided it was time.  So, he did what anyone would do in this situation.


He went down to the local car dealership in his area.  After figuring out that on his credit, getting a new car was out of the question because of the interest rate he was going to get, he


headed down to a used car dealer.


He didn’t know anything about them, except that he passed them everyday on his way to work in Los Angeles County. 


There were a lot of dealerships in this area, he figured why look around, there’s one right here.




That was his first mistake.


As he went in to just “look” he was immediately pressured into getting a car.  He was just looking, he reasoned with the sales man.


Eventually he allowed them to do a credit check, because it wouldn’t hurt, right? 


He let them do this and once they saw what his credit score was they zeroed in.  They had already heard him mention that he tried a new car dealership and figured out what had




They came at him with things like “Well, you know WE can give you the best interest rate at your credit.  You aren’t get financing any where else like you will get HERE.”


He knew he needed a car. 


He knew his credit wasn’t that great. 


The other dealership already told him that.  What was he supposed to do?  He needed a car to get to work.


So, he financed it.  He didn’t have money to put down so he financed EVERYTHING.


The car he bought drove alright for a bit then broke down.  It was a used car after all.


When he tried to bring it back and talk to them about the warranty they had promised, but he never saw anything about on the terms, they conveniently forgot about it.


In fact, the salesman that sold him the car seemed to have short-term memory and couldn’t even remember Jim coming in.


Not all used car dealers are like this.


There are many out there in Los Angeles County looking out for YOUR best interest. 


If you need a car dealer that stands behind their company, then please give us a call here at Geneva Motors.


You’ll never feel pressured to buy and in fact, we want you to ask as many questions as you want, BEFORE even thinking about buying.  We have a full inventory online and allow you to


check your credit online through our financing department.




So you can see what you qualify for before coming down, and so you are well informed. 


Please have a look around our site to help get acquainted with us.



You don’t have to let Jim’s story be your own. 


With Geneva Motors we let you write an entirely different, but positive car buying experience. 



Contact Us today to see how we can get you into that dream car.





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